Monday, March 29, 2010

Tails of a cease hostilities...almost

Well it's another day and the girls have settled down a bit. There is still a bit of animosity in the air but they seem quite a bit calmer than they were.

Tessie is still the object of their aggression but I think she is beginning to loose that "UNWELCOME" smell that we tried so hard to get off her with a bath. Scout still hisses at Tess but Tess isn't backing down. She is beginning to assert her self again. Which is good to see.
Unfortunately this afternoon I heard growling and hissing from Tess, the other had cornered he in the litter box of all places. The litter box should be a sanctuary. She wasn't plussed she fought for her "Right to potty".

We forget our little furry girls are wired by millions of years of evolution, they are territorial predators, its hard to imagine that when they sit on your pillow purring their little furry heads off. Then they turn into all claws, screeched and yowls.

Still I have to admire our little Tessenator, she is absolutely insane. She chased off the Tommy cat a cat nearly double her size and He RAN.

BTW Tommy was back for breakfast today soaked but here (was raining this morning).

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