Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tails of Violence

My wife Karen and I were up early this morning at the insistence of our gray tabby Silver, affectionately known as Silly Billy. Upon rising I did my morning rituals and was heading to the "Craft Room" aka my office. When I head a cat fight and a scream, my wife was out feeding Tommy our local stray cat.

Well as luck would have it Tess decided that now is a very good time to give Tommy a piece of her mind so she slips past Karen and goes on the attack. Tommy is about 12lbs +/- and a hardened veteran from the "Big Out". Tess on the other had weighs in at a very light 8lbs+/- and has been living inside for a 4 years now.

She went straight to him and attacked mercilessly, paws flailing and Tommy not knowing what hit him ran like the Devil himself was chasing him.

But somehow the fighting outside triggered fighting on the inside so Silver and Scout were both fighting with each other, Then Karen screamed again and I hit Silver and Scout full on with at least half a dozen streams from our spray water bottle. They cut and ran until Karen brought the now Tommy scented Tessie back into the house and they go on the attack against Tess.

I grabbed Tess (in the process getting scratched and cut up) and plopped her in the sink, turned the water on and began giving her a bath. Karen grabbed her and held her while I removed her claws (sharp claws BTW) out of my arms and hands.

We shoved Tess in the bathroom with kibble and water, (her favorite source is our toilet) to dry herself off and compose herself. After church Karen came home and let her out of the bathroom and she made a beeline for under the bed. Where she stayed until about 15 mins ago.

She is now sitting on my chair in the bedroom onto of the tiger stripped blankey she loves and having a good clean with the bedroom door closed. Seems we might have been forgiven but her two sister are another matter.

Signing off and praying for d├ętente

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