Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tails of the Miami trip...

A co-worker and friend told me that he had a 22" wide screen Monitor for sale. I thought about it and decided it was just what my wife needed. So  told my friend and today we went to Miami and got the monitor.

The girls (cats) are really interested in the new thing that is taking all of the meowmie's attention away from them. I did not realize how big it was until Karen was able to open up distributed proofreaders and work with the test to be proofed and the actual text side by side. Its nearly 1.5x the resolution of the 19" she had because she thought the text was too small to read.

I now have my dual monitor setup again with both panels pristine and I will use the the old one for repairs and testing. Now my desk actually looks complete except as my friend stated the cabling is a mess. Well I am addressing that today.

The cat's interest was short because we stopped on the way home and picked up a roast chicken at the grocery store. Cats are like 5 year olds, fascinated by every thing but with the attention span of a house fly. Actually I should give them a little more credit, if you have food on your plate they will sit there for as long as it takes in full begging or as the wife calls it Vulture mode.

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