Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tails of two kitties

In 2004 about 2 weeks after my then fiancé and now wife Karen came to this country we went to an animal shelter, Animal Aid, Inc. We found two lovely sisters in a cage all by their lonesome. We were looking for a ginger boy we ended up with 2 silver tabbies Silver (right) and Scout.(left), The person who showed us the cats said they were returned by their owners for eating too much.

Karen and I decided to give it a week as we hadn't kitten proofed the house yet and well its an important decision, as we are responsible for them. The next weekend came around we went back to the shelter and there they were. Well we knew we were licked and the lady gave us a really good offer as they were sisters and really were close to one another. So we said yes.
When we got them home they were a bit skittish but Silver became the dominant one and started wandering around the apartment.

When I moved here I bought my queen sized bed, dresser, TV, computer, computer desk, computer chair and recliner and little else to say the apartment was empty would be an understatement. The cats LOVED it. Karen on the other hand was thinking of booking the next flight back to Australia.

Over time Silver and  Scout developed their own personalities. Silver was a daddy's girl, and Scout was more of a Mommy's girl.

Karen and I love our two little gray girls very much and are very thankful they are in out lives helping complete our family

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