Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tails of massive excavation

When I arrived home today I decided to do a spring clean on my computer desk. I had Karen bring me every thing that I had boxed up and then I went into my desk.

Let's just say that my desk and a black hole have the same mass and do exactly the same thing (eat everything around them. I once lost a cat for almost and entire day only to notice faint mewing from behind the drawer. Now I know how curiosity can kill a cat. (Note: No cat was harmed in the making of this photo)

Well I have been clearing my desk in anticipation of my transfer to a different department at work.

Anyway I am getting away from the cleaning. I emptied the desk drawers, I mean emptied them, found stuff that I haven't seen since Wilma (Hurricane).

Restocked my build box (the screws, back plates, cables, dressing and the like needed when you build a PC from components). And restocked my cable box and found 5 more network cables and 4 wireless cards from where I went from wireless G to wireless N.

This morning I had to have words with my cable provider. It seems they are determined to send a tech out to my house to install a modem that is already installed. Its beginning to get really annoying. At 3AM I woke up and went into the "Craft Room" I share the space with my wife Karen, and clicked on the Internet Explorer button and nothing. I checked the router and it was not connected to the INTERNET, so then I reset the modem and when the router reconnected I could not get past the cable provider self install screen. I called them up and they said I could get back on line immediately but I would loose the deal I got last week, or I could wait until after 8AM and contact my local office and they would correct the issue. Well I decided that waiting was the best idea as the regular price is 2x what the deal price was.

Anyway its back on and hopefully correct this time and correctly billed as well. I left cable provider becuase their reliability was terrible. But that seems to be a thing of the past. The only time I loose signal is when they shut off my modem and I can remedy that with a phone call. While my DSL provider required a great deal more in the way of work to stay connected and still could not provide a decent connection for more than a day or so. I used to have to rotate my DSL modems in order to re-establish my connection.

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