Friday, July 9, 2010

Tails of the D.. Creature

My wife Karen has been looking after a very sweet and lovable dog, its kind of your non-descript rescue from the shelter kind of dog. Her disposition is very playful but sweet, though Karen says this 20lb dog thinks its a lap dog.

Well it just so happens Karen decided that the dog needed a bath in the most urgent way so she bought her up to our apartment, If you have read my blog you know there are 3 cats that HATE any new creature in their territory. 

Upon bringing Pippy (the D creature) in we had three very fluffed out cats. Tess was the most amusing of the bunch as she is a black cat who took on the most amazing persona of  "The Evil Halloween" cat, fluffed up and arched her back so much that her front and rear legs nearly touched. it was to funny to see. The other girls Scout and Silver also bristled up at the insolence of the intruder entering their home.

After Pippy had her bath and did she need it, from the one second that Pippy was in the Craft Room it smelled very very doggy. After Karen had washed her and got her mostly dry and I herded the cats into a corner of the room (and yes everything you heard about cat wrangling is true) Karen marched Pippy out the door and back to her apartment. Scout decided to make a break for it and attack the dog on the way out. I headed her off with a spray bottle, and no she didn't back down she just did not advance further. Even with repeated blasts from the spray bottle she stood her ground. I guess she really hates intruders.

Karen has realised that there is little hope for us having a dog in this apartment. Probably for the better as we really don;t have the space, though I think a smaller dog like a Chiquia or a Bichon or some such would probably be okay. So long as they are not bigger than the cats.

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