Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tails of a marriage...

My wife and I went to the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember marriage seminar. We learned alot there that bought us very much closer together. I will add more to this blog as we process the information we received at the seminar.

By way of preping ourselves for this I chose NOT to bring my laptop or take my phone off silent. I wanted to learn how to make us a better couple and found out we were'nt as broken as we thought. Yes we have problems EVERY married couple does.

The biggest problem with marriage is that you start out as two people, each with drives ambitions and baggage. What the seminar focuses on is oneness (two becoming one in spirit with God/Jesus at the center). Yes its faith based, since I am a Christian we chose a faith based seminar rather than a secular one.

One of the important things I learned is to MAKE TIME, nothing in life is free, you make the time, you sacrifice something else in order to accomodate the togetherness time. Simply put at 10:00PM we STOP what we are doing and go and do our devotion and spend time together, talking

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